ALL AT SEA -2019

Works resulting from a year long collaboration with Hannah Scott. Lumen Gallery, 13-16 June, The Crypt, St John on Bethnal Green Church, London E2 9PA

The personal interests we have in ecology and environmental responsibility are considered through an installation bringing together insights over a year long dialogue with Hannah. The scale of the sea and the enormity of our consumption is considered as we build in narratives from Hannah’s journey on one of the world’s largest container ships as opposed to the experiences I have shared with the fishermen of Lizard Point, Cornwall.


Hannah Scott and Maria Macc, explore our relationship with the sea through a collaborative, site-specific installation, at The Crypt, St John on Bethnal Green Church. Two diverse views of working on the sea are brought together, as observed by Hannah on board one of the world’s largest container ships and by Maria experiencing the fishing practices of the Cornish fishermen. The connecting point is the sea and how vital it is to the livelihoods of the people observed and as an everyday superhighway supporting all our lifestyles. The work aims to encourage people to reflect on the wider impact of consumer culture on the natural environment.

Kind thanks to the Hills, The Fishermen from Polpeor.

Residency support for my work from Mayes Creative’s Lizard Beacons project, funded by Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England and Feast.