About me... 

My work exemplifies a pre-occupation with aesthetic seduction masking underlying, unsettling themes. The cycle of life, death and rebirth is explored through the use of alchemy and transformative processes, metamorphosis and regeneration.

My installation, echoing a forest with a foreboding overhead canopy, utilises re-engineered wood allowed to bend and flex like trees. This is juxtaposed with an interior, domestic setting, with manufactured materials appearing to mimic natural surfaces and marks. The organic sculptures express a sense of toxicity with the application of synthetic substances and convey the struggle that nature faces against urbanisation.

The spirit of Nature Morte is conveyed in a series of rusted plates, which show the blurred ghosts of ivy, and paper works feel carnal, impregnated with stains from pressed foliage. Yet the aesthetic lure of the work gains a repulsive edge once the viewer realises what they have been tempted to explore. This questions our own tendency to avoid considering death and our eventual re-turn to nature.